The 2015 Foundation Scholarship Recipients

The 2015 foundation scholarship recipients!

GA Attia: A captain of Lexington High School 2014 varsity team, GA was the recipient of the 2014 LHS newly created Sami Eladhari Legacy award and one of Sami Soccer players in Lexington. He is attending Harvard. The foundation decided to match the LHS Sami Eladhari Legacy award every year.

Sabrina Morais: Sabrina is a very talented soccer player. As one of the captains, she led the Arlington High School 2014 Girl Varsity soccer team to winning the Middlesex conference title and the team made it to the State Championship. In the fall of 2015, Sabrina started at Lasell College in Newton where she is having a major impact on her soccer team. She is majoring in Athletic Training with a minor in Coaching. She was a Spanish Student in Sami’s class and demonstrated amazing leadership after his passing. She created the Mr. E page on Facebook to give the students an outlet to express and share with us their experience and memories of Sami.

Alex Crowley: Alex was a three year varsity player. He brought a great deal of enthusiasm and energy to each and every game. As captain of the 2014 season, he set a positive example for his teammates and was willing to meet any challenge the team faced head on. Alex was a selfless player who had the skill to play multiple positions. He is now attending the University of Rochester.

Will Sanders: Will was a two year varsity player. Will is the type of player that coaches hope they have on their team. He constantly strived to improve his play and was willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win. Will was an important part of the team’s offense scoring key goals during the 2014 season. Will worked hard each and every practice. He is now attending Bates College.

In addition, we sponsored the FC Revere where Sami used to volunteer. The foundation sponsored the team jersey for the 2015 summer season.

We also subsidized Olger Escobar’s tuition to attend the Bolts of Revere, a club team Sami used to volunteer for. Despite his young age, Olger is a very talented 8 year old soccer player who is promised to a very successful soccer career. He had been noticed by Sami during a game.

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